Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I actually had this thought a couple days ago, when my birthday was one week away.  I decided I would make a list of 25 things I wanted to do before I turned 25.  My sister thought that was a lofty goal since I only had seven days to do it, but I think I can.  First on the list is truly what inspired the whole thing... I got stung for the first time in my life on Monday.  Some may think that's cheating, but I call it a jump start.  Here it goes:

1. Get stung by a bee.
2. Write a thank you note.
3. Try something new.
4. Take a deep breath before I lose my cool.
5. Put away the laundry. Haha.
6. Eat dinner at the fair.
7. Give a hug (to someone other than family).
8. Do an anonymous good deed.
9. Give away some produce from my garden.
10. Deliver that thing to a friend that has been on my counter for months.
11. Hang the birthday banner.
12. Get to Marshall's school to pick him up BEFORE he is already out.
13. Finish swim lessons!!!
14. Pass off a goal in my Personal Progress book.
15. Win a game of WordFued.
16. Practice the piano (every day).
17. Learn a new song on the piano.
18. Run more than just 6 miles. (Which means running more than just the race on Sat. that I signed up for).
19. Take some pictures of my kids.
20. Tell my husband I love him.
21. Clean the blinds.
22. Take a nap.
23. Avoid ice cream.
24. Write another thank you note.  (Why write just one?)
25. Work out before the kids wake up.

Now that I've finished writing this list I'm reflecting on the way others go about this type of goal.  My sister, for one, creates a similar list on her birthday with plans to accomplish it within the coming year.  I find it ironic, or perfectly appropriate, that I would make such a list just days before the coming deadline.  I've always been very good at procrastinating... it is usually when I do my best work.  Just five more days to go... 


  1. So is the big day Monday??? I'm glad I took a look at this blog tonight. Thanks for the great swim lessons! BTW..I love the "25" list. Maybe I should make me a list...