Friday, March 12, 2010


I just love big round bellies! (When they belong to someone else...) there are few things more beautiful.

Look at what a doll my pal Amanda is! She's a dear friend that always makes me smile and while we were shooting I was "freaking out" because I couldn't get over my obsession with that round belly! She's a beauty.
I'm always amazed at the miracle of life and the way life grows inside you and one day you can actually hold that miracle, that piece of heaven, in your hands. It's such a fulfilling (and humbling) feeling to realize that person in your arms is a gift that you've been given. That you've helped create. That once was just a spirit and now has infinite potential.
No wonder pregnancy brings such a beauty to the dear mama. The entrusted angel.
Even though pregnancy is so beautiful, it really is hard. And anything hard deserves some kind of reward. Many of the rewards of pregnancy are noticed after the babe is in arms, but little "pick me ups" along the way are necessary... which is why I believe every round belly deserves a hot pair of shoes.
(Loved these Amanda!!!)
I just can't wait to hear when this little miracle arrives. He will be coming to some really great parents that are so excited for his arrival.
Cherish these last few weeks Amanda. And good luck!


  1. Andrea... I already forgot your email address. :) Email me and I will send you an invite.
    I love all the pictures you have been taking lately.

  2. Hey Andrea, just curious how much you charge for a photoshoot. I'm thinking about doing a pregnancy one before the little man shows up :)