Monday, March 29, 2010

Man of the House

My little man Marshall makes me so proud. On the way home from St. George today the truck started sounding really wacky and I pulled over not knowing what I should do and how far I should drive (gotta love "breaking down"!). I told Marshall the truck was broken and he immediately responded, "I will go to our house and get my tools in my tool box on my workbench and I will fix the truck for you." (I wish you could hear it coming out of his sweet little mouth. Leave off the g and f sounds from the beginning of the words... that should help you hear it in your head.)

I love how he instantly knew how to fix the problem and that he was eager to help me. Grandma soon made it to the scene to help us and Marshall started walking away, down the highway towards home. I asked him where he was going and he seemed almost annoyed when he had to remind us he was going home to get his tools. As we tried to get him to come back to us by the vehicles he got so frustrated with us because he really needed to get home so he could bring his tools to the truck to fix it.

Tonight (two days later) Marshall was talking to Colby on the phone and Colby asked if he was able to get his tools and fix the truck when it broke down and Marshall was so cute: "Almost. Mom wouldn't let me." I love you Marshall.


  1. What a cute story! Times like this make all the messes and tantrums worth it. What a cutie!

  2. That is WAY too cute! I love that little guy so much. He's so funny.

    YES! We HAVE to hang out while I'm down. I have no plans at all. So whatever works for you. I'm just going to be at my mom's relaxing in the sun. Maybe we could take the boys to the park and/or splash pad. I bet Josh would love the wash. comm. center. Anyway...I'll call ya probably tuesday. We're leaving salt lake Monday so I'm sure we wont get home til later. So yeah, I'll call ya!

  3. He is such a wonderful little kid. I love him so much! I'm glad that you have such a sweet little boy to take care of you while you're man is out of town. Give Marshall lots of kisses from me. :)