Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I cannot even tell you the last time...

...that I actually MADE a card. Tonight is my good friend Katie's baby shower and she must be one of the craftiest people I know. Months ago I saw a baby quilt that I really wanted to make her but I never started it :) so I had to make her a card. I figured it was the least I could do. I just love Katie and I think that hand made items show you love the person you are giving them to. Katie, my intent was a hand made quilt. I hope this card lets you know what your friendship means to me :) and how excited we are for your new little one.
I had to take pictures in case sometime in the future I have to prove to someone that I used to be crafty... I'll just whip these out!


  1. That card is SO cute! Andrea I think that there will be LOADS of evidence that you were/are crafty! Crazy girl...
    P.S. If everything goes as planned, I will be down there on Monday night and I'm staying for almost 2 weeks! I'm going to spend most of the time in Bunkerville, but I totally want you to come down there and I will come hang out at your house when I'm in Toquerville too! I'm super excited.

  2. Andrea! You are so cute! I love the card...and I love the pictures you took at the shower. That was really thoughtful and very appreciated :) I also love what you did with the focus on the pics you took of the're pretty crafty with that camera!