Friday, May 22, 2009

Mixed Feelings

Marshall found a new friend tonight. This handsome fella was under Grandma's trampoline and Marshall wanted to see it... but not hold it. He wanted it far away... but then back again. We let it go in Grandma's garden... but he wanted to hold it. We got it back... he wanted it in the dirt. This all made for some great video. I just wish I had kept the cameras rolling. We put the frog in the dirt and Marshall said goodbye and as we walked away he said... "wubvv voo" (I love you). It was the sweetest thing.
It was a miracle to get a picture of Marshall this close to the frog. When he was tricked to touch it he squealed like a girl. I thought he was going to burst into tears. He was intrigued by it but didn't want anything to do with it. Yet... "wubvv voo."

I love YOU Marshall-and your tender heart.

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