Friday, April 3, 2009

It's going...fine.

I've had quite a week. I expected potty training to be exhausting and eventful and I was right. Nine months pregnant and chasing a two year old to the potty really takes it out of you. I'm still glad we decided to do it now. Here's how its gone:
Day One: Marshall was really excited but had a handful of accidents (to be expected, duh).
Day Two: Fewer accidents by far and I thought we were making progress...until after the nap. Seems like it suddenly became a game to see if Mommy would continue to be patient if his "unders" got wet just one more time. And yes, I did stay patient.
Day Three: Less accidents (YES! Progress was visible.) but Marshall seemed annoyed by my constant questioning of his potty routine.
Nightime: Definitely the greatest triumph for us. No wet beds so far and I'm knocking on wood like crazy so that it keeps being a successful thing.

Now here we are at Friday's been interesting. Early this afternoon we reached what I felt was a milestone. He went 24 hours with clean "unders" and I was feeling relieved. Too relieved, I guess, because the three of us (Mommy, Daddy and Marshall) had quite a time taking care of a poopy accident in WalMart. Thank heavens for family restrooms! Seems like I suddenly forgot to remind Marshall to tell us when he needed to go potty. Oops. Better luck tomorrow. And I can feel's going to be a lot better.


  1. Hi friend! It's been too long :) It looks like things are going well for you and your little family. I can't believe that you are about to have another little one. . . time flies!

  2. I'm so happy you guys have a blog! Now I can see what your cute family is up to! I sure miss you guys!

  3. Hey lady! Congrats on overcoming this giant milestone. :) How exciting!