Monday, April 20, 2009

I ended up tagged...

I was just checking out Katie's blog and realized that by reading all the words I got to pick the 4th pic in my 4th folder of My Pictures. This ended up so appropriate since it's Marshall's birthday and I felt like I should let everyone know why I love him so much.

I love the way Marshall is such a tough guy that idolizes his daddy. I have so much fun watching the two of them wrestle each other and be crazy boys. Marshall would do anything to go anywhere with Dad. I think it is so adorable. And even though he is such a daddy's boy he still can be tender and sweet to me. I figure that's because Colby has done such a good job teaching Marshall to love me and watch out for me. This boy is such a blessing to me and I just can't wait to see how he will be a blessing to his little bro/sis as the world's greatest big brother.

Some more of my favorite things about Marshall are:
his hysterical laugh
his strange vocabulary that only I can mostly understand
his love of trucks
his animal sounds...they are so fun to hear
the way he smiles when he says "baby"
the way he has changed our lives forever

By the way, you are tagged if you want to be.


  1. Marshall is such a cutie! I love when he runs in the primary room during my ward. :) I just realized that there was a chance you could have had 2 kids with the same bday...My mom has the same bday as her older sister and her twin brother. It could happen, but not this time I guess haha

  2. I can't believe he just had a birthday! That's crazy! I remember at my bridal shower he was just a few weeks old. So cute!!! :) That's fun! Can't wait to see pictures of the new baby when it comes. I was reading your blog and are you not finding out what gender your baby is? That's fun!