Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Little Glimpse of ME

Tonight at Zumba we cooled down to this song.  It was not the first time I've heard it... another time at Zumba months ago we cooled down to it too.  I soooo love it.  And in it's own special way, I love what it means to me at the end of my workout.  I work pretty hard (I think) to stay healthy and don't always see the results I'm hoping for, but I realize I have to be my own champion... my own cheerleader... to keep my head up and keep trying.  It can be easy to talk myself out of a workout or into a junk food binge and I have decided I will not be self defeated.  So here's a little something to make any of you that are interested feel a little closer to me and what I think/feel inside.

P.S.  I chose the clip from The Ellen Show because I secretly want to dress more like Ellen herself.  I love her style.  And yes... I realize why it's so cool and chill... but I like it all the same and want a few more pieces in my wardrobe that are like hers.

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